Comprehensive Feature Lists

EduPorch is a web-based Education Management Information system for primary and secondary schools. It is designed to address needs of various school stakeholders including Administrators, Accountants, Teachers, Parents and Students among others. It is a complete educational management suite that aids daily activities in a school and allows seamless interactions among major stakeholders of the school

School Management

Create Session and terms/semester, Notice board, synchronize and all other settings that makes school administration easy.


Add new session, terms or semester. Download results, medical reports, automatically or manually generate Head of Schools’ comment. Send results to parents via SMS or Email.

School Calendar

Add the School activities for the term/semester/year.

Notice Board

Add notices for parents, staff and students.

Level Management

- Add and set up your school levels and arms.
- View and download students average scores per level.
- Send SMS and E-mail of Results.
- Download subject score sheet of results in excel.
- Promote/ Repeat.
- View/ Download promoted students.


- Copy previous session settings to a new one.
- Enable or disable teachers from recording after end of term.
- Lock Mid-term & Termly results from parents viewing.
- Subject and Kid assessments for toddler classes.
- Back up school data.
- Disable Automatic principals comment.


EduPorch allows you to have database of all stakeholders such as parents, students, academic staff, non academic staff & administrators.

Academic Staff

- Add new staff bio-data.
- Import staff from excel.
- Send SMS to staff.
- Generate staff ID Card.
- Assign subjects.
- Assign privileges.

Non Academic Staff

- Add new staff bio-data.
- Import staff from excel.
- Send SMS to staff.
- Generate staff ID Card.
- Assign roles.
- Assign privileges.


- Add students’ bio-data.
- Import students’ data from excel.
- Send SMS to parents.
- Generate student ID Card.
- Download Student Transcript.
- Check and print Health Records.
- Exports students’ records in excel or Pdf.

Parents Management

- Check, view and search parents’ records.
- Send quick notification to parents.
- Send SMS to parents.
- View parents’ ward(s).

Admission applicant

- Send notification to applicants.
- View applicants details.

Administrator Management

- Add administrator.
- Import administrator from files.
- Send SMS to administrator.
- Assign Priviledges to administrator.
- Set as super admin.

Password Reset

- Change Password.
- Reset Password.

Custom User Data

Add data category


EduPorch caters for course/subject definition, subjects group , classes management, assessment management, Grading System, Comment banks and many others.

Subject Group

- Add subject group to level.
- Allow group computations.
- Variable Subject weights.

Subjects Management

- Generate Subject for classes.
- Add subject to classes.
- View and download subjects’ performance analytics.


- View and change class teachers.
- View students in a class.
- Move students to another class.
- Move students to another level.
- Send SMS to parents.

Class Operations

- View class notes.
- View class assignments.
- Add class timetable.
- Add recommended texts.
- Mark class attendance.
- Promote or repeat

Skills & Behaviours Management

Add skills & Behaviours Assessment


EduPorch caters for course/subject definition, subjects group , classes management, assessment management, Grading System, Comment banks and many others.

Head’s of schools comment

- Automatic Head of school comment.
- Preview students’ results.
- Type comments manually.
- Get comments in banks with automatic name, gender specific pronouns.

Class teachers comment

- View and edit class teachers comment.
- Upload and Download class teachers comment.
- Counsellors comment.
- House Tutors comment.
- Personal Supervisors comment.


- Download class results.
- Download class broadsheet in excel and pdf.
- Download class student performance analysis.
- Send class SMS and E-Mails of results.
- Download class medical results.
- View cumulative gender averages.

General Academic Assessments

- Add assessments types (C.A, Mid-term,Exam).
- Name of assessments.
- Add Mark/score obtainable.
- Assign assessments to Level.
- Assign assessments to Term.

Sub-Assessment for Subjects Management

- Download Score Sheet Excel Upload format.
- Upload Scores from Excel File.
- Add Mark/score obtainable.

Grading System

- Add new grading system.
- Assign Grade and Level.
- Edit/Remove Grade.

Early Learning

Assessments design for kids in pre-primary classes.

Pass Mark

Adding of schools pass mark.


View and download list of repeaters.

Level Broadsheets, Results and Performance analysis

- Download level broadsheet in PDF/Excel.
- Download Results by level.
- Download subjects’ performance analysis.


Set student payable, discount, bill, salary, make payement, expendables, revenue , accounting report and many others are includes in EduPorch


- Add your schools’ Banks and Impress accounts information.
- Download account statements.

All Students

- View students’ payment history and accounting records.
- Make students payments.
- Generate student payments receipts.
- Generate students bills.
- View and download students’ debtors list.
- View and management students’ overpayments records.
- Admission Applicants information


- Students Payables.
- Students Payments.
- Generate out payments’ records made in a period by dates in Excel or PDF.
- Other Revenue payments records.
- Admission Payments.
- Payments Notification.
- Hostel Income


- Expense accounts.
- Loan.
- Overdraft.


- Expense Accounts.
- Expenses.

Other Features

Eduporch other features includes sickbay, summer school, hostel, Inventory, system_Logs, Memo, Staff Query Management, SMS Portal


- Treatments.
- Students Treatment Records.

Summer School

- Summer Assessments.
- Summer external students.
- Summer Record Managements.


- Add Hostels.
- Hostel Students.
- Allocate students to hostel and room.
- View and download termly students reports.


- Vendors.
- Item Categories.
- Items.
- Supply.
- Consumption.
- Damage.
- Rent.
- Sales.
- Maintenance.


view users interaction logs.


EduPorch cater for internal memo among the staff

Staff Query Management

Staff can be sent query letter through Eduporch

SMS Portal

- Add contact number.
- Sent SMS.
- Buy SMS .