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EduPorch is a complete educational management and automation tool that aids, digitizes and automates daily activities of schools while allowing seamless interactions among major stakeholders of the school.

It is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Users/Departments on EduPorch include but not limited to School Administrators, School Accountants, Admission (Entrance Form), Teachers, Parents, Students, Counsellors, Exams and Records, Quality Assurance, Inventory Managers, School Medical Personnel, Hostel Management e.t.c

EduPorch can work offline with intranet, online with internet or both with an automatic synchronization engine that pushes and updates information seamlessly both ways.

How it works

Step 1
Register Your School

Register/ sign up your school here to start. Begin your 30 days free trial

Step 2
Set Up Your Instance

Once we receive your information and verify it, we will set-up your instance with your school customized EduPorch sub-domain name within 48hours and communicate your login details to you via e-mail.

Step 3
Getting Started

Set up your school structure and start adding your data. students, Staff, parents, subjects/courses per level, assessments, passmarks, result format e.t.c

Step 4
Start Automating Your School Processes

EduPorch will Automate seamlessly all your school manual Processes.

How it's used

School Setup

Add your name, logo, address, contact information, motto, alias, primary and secondary colour.


Your schools’ accounts needs are met here. Setting up of the schools’ bank accounts, students payments, students bills and payables, overpayment management, receipt generation, debtors’ list, Income, expenditure and liabilities management.

Inventory Management

It keeps and handles all your school inventory records. It covers lists of vendors, items and their categories, supplies, consumptions, damages, rent, sales and maintenances.

School Structure

Add your levels and arms for your school from level management starting from the lowest ranked level. Level naming conventions differs from countries to countries. Most popular ones are Year, Grade, Key Grade, Primary, Junior and Senior schools naming conventions. Adding of yearly academic session and terms/semesters that make up the session.


This is the most important and basic aspect of any information system. EduPorch supports various user categories with different privilege levels. Available categories are Staff (Academic, Non-Academic and Management Staff), Students, Parents and Admission Applicants.

Various user accounts as described above can be created by filling appropriate form(s) or uploading Microsoft Excel files whose formats to be filled can be downloaded from the platform. User Custom Data is also provided to allow schools customize other information to be collected in user data forms and excel formats in order to extend the fields of the database where necessary.

Various roles and access control privileges are given to users based on their accounts.


Everything concerning academics in your school are digitized/automated here. Class management, management of >Subjects and Subject Groups and their allocation to appropriate classes. Other interesting features include: Skills and Behaviour Assessments, General and Kid Academic Assessments, Academic Sub-assessments, Grading SystemsTemplated Comment Banks, Broadsheets, Terminal/Annual Student Academic Report, in single page or in booklet form (containing single page content as well as individual subject reports and summary page that contains comments/remarks from necessary stakeholders), Performance Analysis, Automatic Principal/Head of School's Comments among others.

Easy To Use,
Fast & Responsive

EduPorch is very easy to use and can be used on any device of your choice because it has been developed to be responsive and usable across all devices and screen size.

The goal is to make sure that EduPorch is useable effectively and efficiently by your staff, students and parents, without the need of investing in any elaborate special training hours.

We employ best coding practices and algorithms in developing the product to enable speed and accuracy in various operations carried out.

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It's all-in-one

EduPorch is an integrated system that allows multiple users interact at the same time. It is designed to address need of various school stakeholders including Administrators, Students, Accountants, Teachers, Parents, School Nurses, Stock Keepers, Counsellors, Human Resource Managers among others.

It is a complete educational management suite aids daily activities in a school and allows seamless interactions among major stakeholders. Each user can login differently with username and password and their accounts will be served based on their user type. Roles and privilege management can be done and you can be sure no one will have access to any information they are not allowed to have access to.

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Your data privacy and security is assured

Your trust and data security are critical to everything we do and we are proud to follow industry standards in protecting your data.

All data exchanges across servers are encrypted.

Also, our staff do not have access to your passwords because they are irreversible converted to codes using strong hashing algorithms before they are stored. Hence a lost password can can only be reset and subsequently changed.

However, it is recommended that you (and your users) choose strong passwords containing numbers, figures and special characters you are consequently advised to keep your password safe.

EduPorch enforced users to change their password after their first login ensuring that their accounts are not compromised and their data are safeguarded.

Online/Offline Mode, Data/File
Sharing & Syncing.

Helping you keep files updated, Accessible
& Safe between the two modes.

Should you ever decide to have your own local server and network infrastructures installed in your school premises so that you can host your EduPorch and have it accessed by staff via your local area network, look no further because EduPorch has got you covered.

EduPorch is developed using latest web technologies. Thus can be hosted on a local server, accessed and used with web browser over the intranet (Offline mode). The offline mode is then synchronized with the online mode and data re shared across the instances, so that parents and students can access your schools most recent update anywhere in the world.